U-Boot type XXIII (Vista 1)
U-Boot type XXIII (Vista 2)
U-Boot type XXIII (Vista 3)
U-Boot type XXIII (Vista 4)
U-Boot type XXIII (Vista 5)
U-Boot type XXIII (Vista 6)
U-Boot type XXIII (Vista 7)
U-Boot type XXIII (Vista 8)

U-Boot type XXIII

Ref.: SPEC-SN72001

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U-Boot type XXIII

This is the first kit of the new series called Special Navy. This is a German submarine from the end of the Second World War. A real modeller´s delight!! Two sprues of plastic parts with additional resin and photo-etched parts. The U boot type XXIII was one of the last submarines put into combat service by Germany´s Kriegsmarine. The last two ships sunk by submarines belonged to the type XXIII´s final tally. Its design was so progressive that it was used as a pattern for the post-War NATO Bundesmarine´s Hai and Hecht submarines produced in the 1950s. 1/72 scale

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