Vietnam U.S. Green & Camuflage (Vista 1)
Vietnam U.S. Green & Camuflage (Vista 2)

Vietnam U.S. Green & Camuflage

Ref.: AKIN-3200

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Vietnam U.S. Green & Camuflage


This set is specially formulated for decorating figures with uniforms used during the Vietnam War by the U.S. Army.

In this set you will find all the necessary colors to paint all the green tones used by the earth forces and also all the camouflages available at the moment: from tiger camouflage to forest camouflage and leaf camouflage for helmets.

This set contains:

AK-3023 Dark Green.

AK-3024 Light Green. 

AK-3025 Medium Green.

AK-3064 Green Black.

AK-3075 US Field Drab.


AK-3143 Grey Green.

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