Wild Tuft – Autumn (Vista 1)
Wild Tuft – Autumn (Vista 2)
Wild Tuft – Autumn (Vista 3)
Wild Tuft – Autumn (Vista 4)
Wild Tuft – Autumn (Vista 5)
Wild Tuft – Autumn (Vista 6)

Wild Tuft – Autumn

Ref.: VALL-SC409

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4,05 EUR

Wild Tuft – Autumn


Vallejo Scenery is a range of miniature vegetation with which you can complement your scenes by adding more realism to the representation in your models, figures, wargame terrains or historical dioramas.

Vallejo Scenery contains a wide range of measurements and references.

Ready to use, simply remove or trim the product and place it on the scene.

Self-adhesive, can also be fixed with PVA glue for better adhesion.

Medium: 5 mm / 0.20 in.

35 units..

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