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Pesquero Palamos

Ref.: OCCR-12000

Logo Occre

89,95 EUR

Palamos Fishing


Model in wood and metal of the Occre house to be assembled.

Double hull lining in sapele, walnut and ramin.

Set of sails sewn in the factory already included.

Full colour instruction booklet with all assembly steps photographed step by step.

Assembly instructions in 5 languages (Spanish / French / English / German / Italian).

Set of life-size drawings for rigging assembly.

Height : 275 mm Width : 120 mm Length 410 mm.

Scale 1:45

Historical Review

The Palamos is a boat dedicated to inshore fishing, it has a multipurpose hull with characteristics that are perfectly adapted to the orography and conditions along the Mediterranean coast.

It is a very common type of boat on our coasts.

It was built in a very traditional way in the many shipyards scattered along the coast.

Naval - Barcos Madera - Occre


Clavador Manual 1,61mm diámetro
Herramientas - Varios - Dismoer

17,50 EUR



Limas para Madera
Herramientas - Lijas y Limas - Dismoer

9,90 EUR



Plegalistones eléctrico
Naval - Herramientas - Artesania latina

27,95 EUR

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