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Ref.: OCCR-12007

Logo Occre

79,90 EUR



Scale 1/50

Height 446 mm Width 124 mm and Length 580 mm

If you're thinking of getting started in naval modeling, the Polaris is your model.

Taking into account the general assembly techniques of a naval model, we have designed a simple and attractive model, with assembly tutorial videos on our YouTube channel and very detailed step-by-step assembly instructions. 

With the Polaris you will practice and learn the assembly techniques used in naval modeling.

These techniques are the same as those used for any boat, regardless of its type or size: treatment of materials, construction and lining of a hull, construction of the masts, rigging and sails, varnishing and finishing of wood and metals, etc...

As always, OcCre will be at the modeler's side for any consultation or need related to the assembly and assembly of our models.

The name Polaris corresponds to the guide star of the navigators, the "Polar Star". 

The ship Polaris, pretends to be a guide to start in the naval modelism.

Naval - Barcos Madera - Occre


Plegalistones eléctrico
Naval - Herramientas - Artesania latina

27,95 EUR

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