Pincel Redondo 2/0 Sintetico (Vista 1)
Pincel Redondo 2/0 Sintetico (Vista 2)

Pincel Redondo 2/0 Sintetico

Ref.: AKIN-AK602

Logo AK Interactive

2,05 EUR

Round Brush 2/0 Synthetic

Round brushes of all sizes are one of the most important tools on every modelers workbenches. These brushes are essential all sorts of modeling tasks such as chipping and painting small details. These brushes are made with high quality long lasting synthetic fibers. Available in sizes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 2/0, 3/0, and 5/0.

Herramientas - Pinceles - AK Interactive


Paleta Circular Metálica 17cm
Herramientas - Varios - Dismoer

4,05 EUR



Restaurador de pinceles
Herramientas - Varios - Vallejo

4,00 EUR



Acondicionador de Pinceles
Herramientas - Varios - Tamiya

5,50 EUR



Limpiador de pinceles al alcohol
Herramientas - Varios - Vallejo

4,10 EUR

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