Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 1)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 2)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 3)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 4)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 5)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 6)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 7)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 8)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 9)
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Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 11)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 12)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 13)
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Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 15)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 16)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 17)
Tranvia Lisboa (Vista 18)

Tranvia Lisboa

Ref.: OCCR-53005

Logo Occre

114,50 EUR

Lisbon Tramway


Occre wood and metal riding model, Scale 1:24

Historical Review

This tram was originally part of the 701/735 series, of the Compaí±í­a de Carris de Ferro de Lisboa, which built them between 1936 and 1940. These trams were considered the safest in Lisbon as they were fitted with a reinforced braking system and were used for the lines covering the most difficult routes, such as 12, 25 or 28, with ramps of up to 12%, which were also the steepest slopes in the world for simple adherence tram lines. The tram is fitted with five types of brake, pneumatic, mechanical, electric, electromagnetic with shoes and mechanical with shoes. Each tram was also fitted with two powerful, 45 HP, Metropolitan Vickers electric motors and a Brill 21-E type truck, built by Maley & Tauton. The body is of the standard Lisbon type, based on American Brill designs, with its most notable characteristic being the sharply cambered roof. The tram maintained its original design up until 1985-1987, when the series was reformed and adapted for a single driver/conductor, pneumatically operated doors were installed along with flashing lights and the street-side doors were sealed off. After 1995 the original trams gradually started to be replaced with remodelled Series 500 trams, although a number of units were maintained in operational conditions for charter services

Naval - Tranvias - Occre


Kit peana tranvía
Naval - Varios - Occre

28,50 EUR



Diorama de Lisboa
Naval - Dioramas - Occre

69,50 EUR

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