Colores AFV Israelis (Vista 1)
Colores AFV Israelis (Vista 2)
Colores AFV Israelis (Vista 3)
Colores AFV Israelis (Vista 4)

Colores AFV Israelis

Ref.: VALL-71210

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14,50 EUR

IDF Colors


The case contains 6 Model Air colors of 17 ml that includes the green OD used in the operative vehicles during its beginnings in the Wars of Sinai of 56, the tone Sand Grey 67 used since the War of the six days, the tone Gris Arena 73 in the conflict of the Yom Kippur, the tone Sinai Grey 82 of the conflicts of Lebanon and the current Tan Green 87.

Herramientas - Pinturas Set - Vallejo


Israel Main Battle Tank Magach 6B GAL BA
Maquetas - AFV - Meng Model

67,50 EUR



Magach 6
Maquetas - AFV - Italeri

15,50 EUR



Israeli Merkava I MBT
Maquetas - AFV - Tamiya

31,50 EUR



Israeli Tiran 5
Maquetas - AFV - Tamiya

59,50 EUR

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