Azul Negro (Vista 1)
Azul Negro (Vista 2)

Azul Negro

Ref.: VALL-72019

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2,60 EUR

Blue Black


Water-based matt and opaque acrylic colours, specially formulated for brush use.

Each colour has been rigorously developed in collaboration with modelers specialised in fantasy figures and dioramas. 

The formulation of this range has taken into account that some of the figures are used in games, and therefore has used a resin of last generation that offers an extraordinary resistance to friction caused by the manual movement of the figures. 

It is recommended to apply them on a previously primed surface.

The colours dry quickly forming a homogeneous and self-levelling film that respects the smallest detail present in the model. Game Color behaves exceptionally well on all substrates; the adherence of the paint on resin, plastic, steel and white metal is extraordinary.

The utensils can be cleaned with water.

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